Seven Several years ago I had a stroke. During my rehabilitation , I had to change a lot of my personal habits; that’s when I met Dr. Malcolm Swain, an holistic and wellness practitioner who taught me through Ayurvedic products, how to get in tune with my mind and body.
I still use the products today and the results are sensational! At 72 years of age, I feel like I’m 30.
I thank the ALMIGHTY that I was introduced to Dr. Swain and those wonderful Ayurvedic products.

Joe Ellis Williams

My name is Michelle Harper. For the past 9 years I have used the Microcosmic Nutrition products: Yogi Formula, Yogi Cleanse,Shilajit Himalaya Plus, Spiralina, Flax Seed Oil, and Optimum Balance. By using these products I have not had any episodes of childhood ailments for example: Eczema, Cysts, and Asthma. With the dedication to the program and a new health change I was able to deliver 2 healthy boys and a baby girl on the way.

Michelle B. Harper

Prior to using micro cosmic nutrition products, I had recurring symptoms of sinus infections, eczema, congestion & seasonal allergies. I always went to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics and other medicines that really had no affect. Subsequent to using micro cosmic nutrition (Yogi Formula & Yogi Cleanse), the aforementioned symptoms are rarely present. I have more energy; get better rest at night which facilitates being able to exercise more regularly & just feel a whole lot better overall. It has even assisted in the clearing of my pupils and there is no other product I would personally rather use.

A. Olugbala, New Jersey

After being diagnosed with a blood disorder, I was introduced to the Yogi Cleanse, Yogi Formula and the Shilajit Himalaya, and while my body continues to improve, I feel fantastic, have high energy and am very optimistic about the direction my overall health is taking. The advice that accompanied the recommended usage of the product was important in helping me to give my body the best opportunity possible to heal itself.

John A.V.

I had gone to the doctor’s for blood work because I wasn’t feeling well. I had found out that my cholesterol was high my blood pressure was a little high and I my liver enzymes were very high. The doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol medicine but he couldn’t due to my liver. I had called Malcolm to see if he could help me. He told me to take Shilajit Himalaya Plus, Yogi Cleanse, and Maca. I took them for 3 months and went back to get more blood tests. When the test came back they showed my cholesterol and blood pressure was down and the best thing was my liver enzymes were normal

Rob Simons

I personally, highly recommend Yogi Cleanse,Shilajit and Yogi Formula as outstanding Herbs on the market by “Micro Cosmic Nutrition” which is helping users to Maintain and enjoy good health.

Ken Ritchie

I have been using the Yogi Cleanse, Yogi Formula and Optimum Balance for approximately two years. I feel like the “energizer bunny”. The products are a major enhancement to my busy life style. It is like the “American Express”….you do not leave home without it. I have experienced a total balance in all facets of my life.
Dr. Swain is always available for consultation. Thank you Micro Cosmic products.

Gittesh, Brooklyn

I was diagnosed with having sarcordosis in 1980, which is a very rare auto-immune deficiency disease. I started feeling the effects of this disease around 1989. Some of the symptoms were feeling tired all of the time, skin lesions, and swollen and aching joints. My physician prescribed a drug called prednisone in which I took for several months. I was ok for a while but I started having the same problems and symptoms again.
Around 1998 a friend suggested I speak with Malcolm Swain, an herbalist in Montclair, New Jersey. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.
Malcolm guided me in changing my eating habits. He told me what foods triggered my sarcordosis. He also started me to taking his daily detoxification products, Yogi Flush and Yogi cleanse, along with flaxseed oil. Others were able to see a positive difference in my physical appearance within two weeks after taking the products. I have been taking these products faithfully since 1998 and I feel so good. I have also gotten my husband to take them. We both notice the difference in the way we feel. I have not had to take anymore prednisone since the initial time.

Brenda J Deans

It’s been 10 years since my introduction to the wonderful Micro Cosmic Nutrition Products. Specifically Yogi Formula and Yogi Cleanse contributed to my overall wellness and health. Although I’m now officially a member of the senior group, I’m always questioned about my high energy level and vibrancy. I’m enjoying good health using these products to stay in balance, and feel that these products are making the difference in my life.

Edith Ward

I have been on different products from Micro Cosmic Nutrition and have been feeling exceedingly energetic and also a difference in my skin tone.
It’s been a wonderful experience discovering what herbs and minerals can do for the body.

Carol A. Millet-Stephenson, Brooklyn, NY

I am 48 years old and my sister referred me to Cosmic Nutrition products about 2 years ago and my health has been much improved and also my energy level has been balanced.
Micro Cosmic Nutrition Products are excellent even the INKA TEA

Jessel Millet, St. Petersburg, Fl

The products have helped my metabolism a lot, and the flax oil helped in improving my skin appearance. In generally, I sleep better and feel better because I am more energized. One thing I like most is that the products are herbal and natural, makes me feel good knowing that there are no chemicals in them. I will recommend these products because they natural and effective.

Clara Aisabor

Yogi Flush was a tremendous help in my energy level and it helped aiding me in quit smoking. I noticed results in 2-3 days

Dr. Cook, Teaneck, NJ

I had a large boil on my knee, I used the Yogi Formula and in 2-3 days the boil was gone! Unbelievable!

Pastor Michael McDuffie, Paterson, NJ

Cleansing has its virtue. When I went to Micro Cosmic Nutrition, cholestrol,sugar and other matters concerned me, they no longer do. Its time for nature to take over. Cleanse yourself with micro cosmic nutritional products and lower your bills.

Harold C

For some time I had been experiencing very annoying, sharp pains coming from keloids which had developed in the upper part of my body. I had also been experiencing low vitality, fatigue generally, but especially when I walked to the corner store. Malcolm knew more about how the body functions, and the effects on it through what we intake, than any medical person, or horologist I had ever talked with. The toxicity in my body, while evident, was not apparent due to negligence and ignorance. I tried Malcolm’s 28 Day Rejuvenation Program, and though I didn’t have the discipline to stick with it as I should, I still found myself beginning to feel better, and could tell there was some thing going on by what was being eliminated from my body. It’s been about four years now, I continue to use Malcolm’s products, and feel a great deal more enlightened about what blockages are, I’m now, sixty-three years old I’m feeling much improved through my use of Micro Cosmic Nutrition products and am much more confident that I can age with grace, dignity.

Henry A Street

Before I met Malcolm Swain and began using his products I was always extremely tired. I would find myself falling asleep everywhere…. the worse was when I would be driving or sitting in class and suddenly find myself fighting a powerful sleep attack.
This started happening to me as a teenager and I couldn’t understand why on earth I would always get so tired. Being a young, fit, and very motivated person I found this problem very frustrating and even depressing at times.
Fortunately through some close friends I met Malcolm and he told me that the source of my problems had to do with elements within my body being out of order…. he introduced me to the microcosmic nutrition system and my life completely changed. Not only did my problem almost completely disappear; my entire body has elevated to a whole new level of performance!

Mongo Slade

Disclaimer: Micro Cosmic Nutrition is not responsible for any medical claims.