Yogi Formula (500 mg)

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This compound consists of several herbs formulated to cleanse and open the sixteen channels of the body and to support the seven tissues upon which they work. This powerful herbal combination works on all tissue elements to support our body defense system. Maintaining the proper flow in the channels is essential to health and to the prevention of disease.

This formula is also effective for cleansing the chakras (nerve centers of the subtle body), purifying the channels of the subtle body and balancing our internal frequencies.

  • Strengthened immunity, Balanced hyper-acidity
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Improved urinary system
  • Strengthened eyes
  • Regulated elimination
  • Strengthened the lungs
  • Heart support
  • Enhanced food absorption
  • Flushed toxins
  • Excellent source of vitamin-C
  • Skin, health and appearance support
  • Maintains the proper flow in the body channels which is essential to health and the prevention of disease
  • A powerful antioxidant

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* Each bottle contains 340 vegetable capsules

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