Royal BULBINE MAX 5.1 Testosterone Booster

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Bulbine Natalensis: Considered one of the most powerful natural testosterone boosting herbs known in the plant kingdom. Royal Bulbine shows a 36% rise of testosterone levels after 18 days of use. Studies have shown Bulbine Natalensis possesses several beneficial qualities in a variety of conditions including; reducing fatigue, increasing muscle strength, size, tone and stamina, increased masculine confidence, improved/restored sexual drive. Bulbine was shown to have stronger effects than Viagra for libi-do improvement.

Bulbine Max 5.1 is a safe testosterone stimulant that would raise testosterone rapidly to normal levels. Bulbine root, leaf and sap have been used for thousands of years as a traditional medicine by the Zulu Warriors to improve testosterone production and as a natural male aphrodisiac. Also to speed the healing of bruises, blisters, cold sores, mouth ulcer and mosquito bites etc. Known to the Zulus as Ibhucu, this herb is also a fertility enhancer. Normal levels of testosterone may also show the following; reduce flabbiness, particularly abdominal flabbiness and works as a powerful sexual stimulant.


  • Bulbine - Bulbine Natalenis- "Root Powder"

As a dietary supplement take (1) capsule twice daily. Individuals over 200 lbs; take (1) capsule three times daily. Do not exceed two weeks of continuous use. Cycle on for two weeks and cycle off for two weeks.

Intended for healthy adult male, do not use this product if you have medical conditions related to kidney, liver, heart, or prostate.


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