Optimum Balance (650 mg)

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A High Energy Herbal Compound that contains six (6) wonder herbs. If taken regularly, it increases energy, stamina and endurance; it nourishes the brain and mental function; supports the heart; strengthens the lungs. It also decreases senility and aging while increasing intelligence, longevity and memory. It has tonic, rejuvenative and aphrodisiac qualities.

This formula is also effective for cleansing and purifying the channels of the body and balancing our internal frequencies.

  • Amalaki -Emblic Myrobalan - "fruit"*
  • Maca - Lepidium Meyenii - "root vegetable"
  • Spirulina - Blue-green Algae
  • Gotu Kola - Hydrocotyle Asiatica - "herb"
  • Gokshura - Tribulis Terrestris - "fruit"
  • Turmeric - Curcuma Longa - "rhizome"

*Each bottle contains 200 capsules

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