Ashwagandha, Winter Cherry

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Scientific name: Withania somnifera; Solanaceae Part Used: root Energetics: bitter, astringent, sweet/heating/sweet Tissues: muscle, fat, bone, marrow and nerve, reproductive Systems: reproductive, nervous, respiratory Actions: tonic, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, nervine, sedative, astringent Indications: general debility, sexual debility, nerve exhaustion, convalesce, problems of old age, emaciation of children, loss of memory, loss of muscular energy, spermatorrhea, tissue deficiency, insomnia, paralysis, weak eyes, rheumatism, skin affliction, cough, difficult breathing, anemia, fatigue, infertility, glandular swelling. Ashwagandha, is the best rejuvenative herb, particularly for the muscles, marrow and semen and for Vata constitution. It is used in all conditions of weakness and tissue deficiency in children, the elderly, those debilitated by chronic diseases, those suffering from overwork, lack of sleep or nervous exhaustion. Sattvic in quality, it is one of the best herbs for the mind upon which it is nurturing and clarifying. It is calming and promotes deep, dreamless sleep. It also regenerates the hormonal system, promotes healing of tissues, and can be used externally on wounds, sores etc. Five grams of the powder can be taken twice a day in warm milk or water, sweetened with raw sugar.

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