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  • Moringa Sutherlandia
  • yogi-cleanse
  • total-detox
  • total-detox
  • Yogi Formula
  • Royal BULBINE MAX 5.1
  • Chanca Piedra Plus
  • Optimum Balance
  • Micro Gold
  • sutherlandia
  • Moringa Sutherlandia

    Moringa greens are an excellent source of protein, with over 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants   36 known anti-inflammatory agents, capable of treating over 300 diseases. Aids in weight loss. Read more
  • Yogi Cleanse

    This formula is powerful herbal anti-oxidant compound which posses 'Agni', a biological fire that governs metabolism and restores the power in our aura. Read more
  • Quantum Healing Program

    This formula is powerful herbal anti-oxidant compound which posses 'Agni', a biological fire that governs metabolism and restores the power in our aura. Read more
  • OM Formula

    Quantum Healing/Siddha Medicine formulated with medicinal plants from the Ayurvedic, Inca and Zulu herbal traditional systems. Read more
  • Yogi Formula

    This compound consists of several herbs formulated to cleanse and open the sixteen channels of the body and to support the seven tissues upon which they work. Read more
  • Royal BULBINE MAX 5.1

    One of the most powerful natural testosterone boosting herbs known in the plant kingdom. Royal Bulbine shows a 36% rise of testosterone levels after 18 days of use. Read more
  • Chanca Piedra Plus

    Chanca Piedra Plus is one of nature’s most important compounds for reducing conditions of the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, bladder, and prostate. Read more
  • Optimum balance

    A High Energy Herbal Compound that contains six (6) wonder herbs. If taken regularly, it increases energy, stamina and endurancem. Read more
  • Micro Gold

    It also contains every essential and non-essential amino acid that humans require. Read more
  • Sutherlandia Frutescens

    Sutherlandia is one of the most powerful adaptogenic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory medicinal herb found in Southern Africa. Read more
  • Avatar

    A. Olugbala

    @New Jersey

    Subsequent to using micro cosmic nutrition (Yogi Formula & Yogi Cleanse), the aforementioned symptoms are rarely present. I have more energy; get better rest at night which facilitates being able to exercise more regularly & just feel a whole lot better overall.


    Carol A. Millet-Stephenson

    @Brooklyn, NY

    I have been on different products from Micro Cosmic Nutrition and have been feeling exceedingly energetic and also a difference in my skin tone. It's been a wonderful experience discovering what herbs and minerals can do for the body.


    Jessel Millet

    @St. Petersburg, Fl

    "I am 48 years old and my sister referred me to Cosmic Nutrition products about 2 years ago and my health has been much improved and also my energy level has been balanced. Micro Cosmic Nutrition Products are excellent even the INKA TEA"

  • Introducing the Quantum Healing Anti-Aging and Rejuvenational Program

    "Rejuvenate and become vibrant again through internal herbal cleansing. When blockages are removed through an herbal program,toxins are eliminated without any discomfort, as a result, our cells are nourished and rejuvenated rapidly. More information

    Two amazing Multi-Compound formulas

    Yogi formula capsules possess purgative qualities, when taken together with the Yogi Cleanse tablets they pacify and eliminate various chronic ailments caused by imbalances of the elements within our bodies.

Shilajit Know More!


The most powerful anti-aging substance and Rejuvenator known to mankind. Shilajit contains 85 types of minerals in natural ionic form which are very vital for maintaining the Equilibrium of Energy Metabolism in our body.

Ayurvedic Medicine Know More!

Ayurvedic Medicine

The philosophy of Ayurveda is to help people heal themselves. A unique quality of Ayurveda is that healing is promoted by balancing the different energies in the body. These energies are known as doshas, or biological humors.

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